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With the quarantine affecting all of us in varying degrees, it’s important to consider the ways your online business can adapt to the current situation.

by Nikki Cagurangan April 20, 2020 12:00 PM

With the quarantine affecting all of us in varying degrees, it’s inevitable to contemplate how this will affect your business—and more importantly—how to keep it afloat. While the nature of having your business online has certain advantages that enable you to keep it running even during a lockdown, it’s important to consider how to adapt it to the current situation.

Evaluate changes in operations

If your online business were a machine, this is the part where you do a spot check of whether it’s still well-oiled in all the right places. Are there any changes to the operations of your host site? Are the affiliated payment options still up and running? How will purchases and deliveries be affected? Check for any changes that might affect your operations so that you can map out the appropriate response for each issue.

Keep your customers updated

You don’t want to lose any member of the community you've worked so hard to build - keep them looped in for any changes, especially if purchases are involved! A simple message of concern goes a long way and will make your customers continue to feel connected to your brand. This is also a good time to make your brand known as a caring and resilient one, and your customers will remember you for it. Don’t forget to align your messages across all platforms (online site, social media, SMS blasting, etc.) to make sure no customer gets left out of the loop!

Catch up with paperwork

While the situation is less than ideal, now is also the best time to catch up on any backlog that might have been looming over you but you never got the time to work on. Manage your inventory, dust off your bookkeeping records, read and respond to those bookmarked emails, and work on crossing out that to-do list. You’ll pat yourself on the back for it when the usual grind resumes.

Map out your post-lockdown plans

By this time you have probably had some time to take a good hard look at your business and the parts that are doing well, as well as the parts that need improvement. Use the introspection to reevaluate your next steps and priorities. Aside from realigning your priorities, this will also help you prepare for any similar scenarios in the future.

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Grow your business with Entrego

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