3 Cool Things that have Happened to Online Shopping

Three ways that shoppers get more bang for the buck when buying online

by Entrego December 07, 2020 12:00 PM

From the latest pair of stiletto heels to a double cheeseburger meal, from scallions and onion rings to a second-hand phone – it now only takes a few clicks on your mobile device for these goods to be delivered to your doorstep.

Fast. Reliable. Safe.

Stricter health protocols have pushed a growing number of companies into adopting online channels alongside existing brick-and-mortar operations. This has been a blessing for the Philippines’ online entrepreneurs and consumers who count among the 73 million registered Filipino internet users as of 2020. The shift to digital may be disruptive, but it has complemented traditional brick-and-mortar operations and broadened the online experience of buyers and sellers alike.

Far from recent years, when only about two percent of Filipino netizens made online purchases, the volume of e-commerce transactions has now exploded as the government imposed physical distancing restrictions.

Here are some cool things that have happened to online shopping:

Wider range of purchases

Close to 80 percent of all online transactions in the country are done using smartphones. In terms of demographics, more than two-thirds of online shoppers are female buyers. In terms of age, close to half are between 25 to 35 years old, followed by those between 18 to 24 years old.

Given the near-universal presence of smartphones and the longer time that people are spending at home, the contents of the typical Pinoy online shopping cart have expanded and diversified. From traditional bestsellers such as fashion apparel and sporting goods, consumers are now going for essential purchases as well, including food, grocery items, and even personal protective equipment.

Faster and more efficient delivery

The increase in online purchases has also increased the demand for reliable and fast delivery service. This has prompted various courier firms to offer competitive prices, improve their platforms' interface, and provide add-ons such as insurance for extra protection. The advantage has always gone to logistics solutions providers like Entrego that provide nationwide delivery coverage, resulting in fast and reliable deliveries to any point in the country.

As the country's fastest-growing courier, express and parcel provider, Entrego provides tools and services that maintain the integrity of the delivery process, benefiting both online buyers and sellers. For instance, its online tracking system allows one to follow the entire delivery process – from pick up to drop off.

Safe and convenient payment

Amid the push for contactless transactions, innovative payment solutions have also become available for online shoppers.

Entrego has tied up with GCash, recognized as the number one mobile wallet in the Philippines for secure, fast and convenient money transfers at the point of pickup or delivery. For the first seven months of the year, Gcash exceeded the P100-billion mark in terms of transaction volume as more Filipinos have come to depend on digital payment.

Using GCash as payment method for Entrego shipments is effortless:

  • Upon arrival of your Entrego Rider, simply click the Pay QR option on the main page and tap the Scan QR Code icon.
  • Align your camera with the Entrego rider's QR code and wait for the app to detect and identify the merchant.
  • Input the total amount of your purchase and confirm your transaction details.

*Applicable to participating merchants and riders only. Please check with your merchant and rider

Indeed, digital retail has succeeded in offering a seamless shopping experience to consumers, regardless of location.  Brick-and-mortar stores have been just as quick to adapt and pivot as always-online entrepreneurs. Both buyers and sellers now find the benefits of technological innovations exceeding expectations by a wide margin: offering (and enjoying) safe, fast, and reliable delivery in just a few clicks.

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