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Communicating Your Way to a Seamless Delivery Service

Getting your products to your customers require clear communication. Important information should be relayed clearly and accurately.

by Luanne Arevalo June 01, 2020 10:00 AM


You’ve got your online store set up, and customers are starting to come in – awesome! It’s not an easy feat standing out from a sea of online sellers, so to have people noticing your brand and actually purchasing your products is definitely an achievement. However, do keep in mind that this is just the beginning – getting your products to your customers is the other half of the story.

It’s important to make sure that your customers will receive their purchases in good condition and in a timely manner. It’s easy to maintain a hands-off approach and say that this is entirely up to the delivery service provider, but there are actually ways for you to ensure that there will be no issues with your shipments.

  1. Get the details of your products. Find out and take note of the specifics of each product, like the color, size, weight, and material. This way, should any issue come up, you will have all the information needed and it could be resolved quickly.
  2. Pay attention to proper packaging. While the shipping service can help you secure your product, you also have to do all you can from your end to make sure that it’s properly packaged. For instance, would it need a bubble wrap, a corrugated cardboard box, some foam, or air pillows to keep it secure? Use the necessary materials in preparing the package, then give the shipping service some guidelines on how to handle it.
  3. Ensure clarity of the name and address of the receiver. Some places are harder to find than others, so if an address is incomplete or inaccurate, the package may end up not getting delivered. Make sure the customer provides you the complete address, and maybe even some landmarks for easier reference.
  4. Take note of the tracking details. The tracking details must immediately be shared with the customer, so they would know that you attended to their order and sent out their purchase on time. Moreover, it will allow them to track the package themselves, and make sure that somebody will be available to receive it when it comes.
  5. Get to know the shipping service’s policies. If the customer is unable to receive the package, what happens next? If there was a weather disturbance, how will this impact the date of delivery? Knowing the delivery service provider’s policies will help you address these questions, which your customer is likely to direct at you. Standard delivery times for Entrego, for example, are up to three days in NCR, three to five days for the rest of Luzon, and five to seven days in Visayas and Mindanao. It will be an opportunity to show your customer you’re on top of things, but more importantly, that you care about getting their purchases to them.

If there’s a common theme to all these tips, it’s this: communication. You are right in the middle of the customer and delivery service provider, so you have to make sure that important information is relayed clearly and accurately. Fortunately, with Entrego, this can be done with no hassle at all. The company has a reliable customer service that can work with you not only in ensuring that your packages are delivered, but also in addressing any concerns that may come up.

Entrego is a technology driven business solutions provider for the fulfillment and logistics needs of enterprises in the Philippines.

Entrego's courier and express parcel management is operated by Entrego Express Corporation. Entrego Express Corporation is an affiliate of Entrego Fulfillment Solutions Inc.


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