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From Your Screen to Your Door: Here’s What Happens After You ‘Add to Cart’

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes after you click 'add to cart'? Here are the steps your items go through before arriving at your doorstep.

by Charlie Castillo November 29, 2019 12:00 PM

Scroll through your feed and you’re guaranteed to see an ad or two of something you’ve been thinking about buying. Then you just find yourself clicking on that link, proceeding to check out, and tada! You've made a purchase!

We're pretty much in the dark on what happens next up until the point where you have that item in your hands. Quite understandable since, as a customer, we click on our online order and then suddenly, we have our package.


But have you ever wondered what happens while you’re twiddling your thumbs waiting for your order?




Before anything else, you as a customer will select the item you want and place your order. This is basically the part that you see on your screen when you click that tempting ‘Add to Cart’ button.


The system registers the details you provided—from your ordered items to your delivery information to your payment details—and assigns you an order number.


This order number is essentially what identifies you as an individual customer in the merchant’s books. Once you confirm all your details, the system will send all these information along with your corresponding order number to the warehouse.


Picking and Packing


While you’re patiently waiting for your package at home, the employees at the warehouse are carefully picking the items you ordered and consolidating them together in a package.


If you only ordered one item, great! Your assigned picker won’t have a hard time tracking down different items in a vast warehouse. If you ordered several items, no problem! There may be some additional processes, but it should not be a big deal.


And if you’re ordering from a large conglomerate like Amazon, they may even have robots doing all the work for them, helping speed up the process and bring your items to the packaging station.


Once all your items are consolidated together in the packaging station, they’ll be weighed and collected together into a box before being sealed and labeled with your delivery details.


Tracking and Shipping


Now that your package is sealed and ready for delivery, it will be dispatched to the big sortation center where all packages are sorted and assigned to be shipped to the delivery hubs in charge of your area. Your order will get assigned a tracking number, which will then be given to you. With this, you can simply enter the tracking number into the system and follow the progress of your package.


The delivery guys will use their GPS technology-enabled devices to keep you updated on the whereabouts of your package all the way until the package arrives on your doorstep.


Just sign the electronic documents, then your order’s adventure is complete!


It all sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But it’s not really. Especially if you’ve got the help of Entrego, a technology driven business solutions provider for the fulfillment and logistics needs of enterprises in the Philippines.


As a customer, much of your experience with Entrego would primarily be the express parcel delivery, with nationwide delivery network for parcels and documents with user-friendly shipment tracking system.


You can rest assured that your online purchases are safe and cared for by a friendly and reliable logistics solutions facilitator such as Entrego. This is why, large e-commerce platforms and micro-sellers online trust them.


If you're a micro online seller (or planning to become one in the near future) things will definitely be easier through Entrego's self-service logistics and fulfillment platform, myEntrego. You may use the platform to enjoy the same network reach and operational efficiency being enjoyed by larger e-commerce marketplaces. With proven e-commerce experience, nationwide delivery coverage, and extensive carrying capacity, Entrego is the perfect partner in your online transactions both as a customer and an entrepreneur.


Entrego is a technology driven business solutions provider for the fulfillment and logistics needs of enterprises. Entrego's courier and express parcel management is operated by Entrego Express Corporation. Entrego Express Corporation is an affiliate of Entrego Fulfillment Solutions Inc.


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