Here are great news around the world

Check out this list of positive events from around the world to lift your spirits and to visualize the new and better “normal” that awaits us.

by Nikki Cagurangan April 20, 2020 12:00 PM

We don't know about you, but we feel all of us could use some good news to brighten our day! While it’s important to acknowledge our worries and negative emotions, it’s also helpful to be reminded that the status quo won’t last forever and we will all pull through this eventually. Need more specific examples? Check out this list of positive events from around the world that will lift your spirits and inspire you to visualize the new and better “normal” that awaits us after this lockdown period.

Taiwan leads the way in dealing with COVID-19

Our Asian neighbor Taiwan has been leading the way in showing how to manage casualties, despite being one of the most at-risk areas due to its proximity and physical ties to mainland China. Its world-class healthcare system gives us pointers to take note of, including how it continues to remain economically active while effectively dealing with the issue at hand.

Brands shift to making new products to help

With a lot of businesses feeling the weight of the negative impacts that lockdowns and social distancing will have on its profit and operations, it would help to look at how some businesses have adapted. Not only to stay afloat but also to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. Brands like Under Armour, Nike, and New Balance have begun making protective gear that will benefit frontliners; beer-brewer Molson Coors and our own San Miguel Corporation have started making hand sanitizers and disinfectants; car manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors are now developing ventilators that are much needed in hospitals - the list goes on!

The art and music scene is alive and kicking - through live-streaming events

Something to look forward to: Learning about all the great local and international music and art gives this scene a boost, that will surely have everyone seeking out and supporting more artists once the lockdowns are lifted. Local acts are doing fundraising live-streaming gigs and online film screenings. All these might make you want to consider putting up infrastructure to broaden the audience of local creators, and make a business out of it!

Reading materials made more accessible

From educational resources to remedy class suspensions, to leisurely reading materials such as ebooks - this quarantine has enabled the optimization of online resources, from basic needs to entertainment. It's uncertain how we will access such materials in the future, but, at least in the meantime, accessing these online seems to be finding an audience. You might want to consider providing reading and educational materials to the public even after the lockdown.

All these examples have shown that we are capable of adapting to severe change and that we are also capable of changing systems that might not be working for us anymore. And when you need a reliable business partner after the lockdown, choose Entrego’s business solutions.

This is something to keep in mind for business owners who are not feeling very optimistic at the moment - use the time to recharge your health, your ideas, and reevaluate your business for the better days that lie ahead.


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