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Keeping Up with Your Customers: How to Effectively Engage Your Customers Online

Building a relationship and continuously connecting with your target market are sure-fire ways to make your business stand out from the rest.

by Luanne Arevalo May 07, 2020 12:00 PM



With more and more Filipinos getting into online selling, it can be a challenge to stand out from the rest and attract new customers while also nurturing your current client base. This is where the importance of engagement comes in. You have to build a relationship and continuously connect with your target market, so you would always be at the top of their minds when they need products like the ones you’re selling. Here are a few ideas on how you can make it happen:

  1. Establish your brand identity. It must be very clear to your customer who you are and what value you bring into their lives. Begin with the aesthetics, like an eye-catching logo and an overall look that’s distinct to your brand. Make sure that all these appeal to your intended market. Follow it up by ensuring that the products you sell clearly represent what your brand is all about and seamlessly aligns with your brand identity. When you have it all figured out, go out there and establish this brand identity.
  2. Connect with your target market. What are your customers into? What inspires them? What makes them laugh? A quick look at their public profiles could give you hints, which you could use in connecting with them via social media. Take their personalities into consideration when you craft captions for your posts to make sure you’re engaging them. Find witty memes that would appeal to them and which they would likely share with their friends, so their own circles would get around to discovering you too.
  3. Get your creativity flowing. To further stand out from the crowd, originality is required. Don’t just rely on what’s available online – produce your own content too. Create your own memes, make relevant infographics, or create your own vlogs. There are a lot of free tools and apps that you can use for this, so go and take advantage of those.
  4. Mind your metrics. Get cracking on analytics and find out which of your content get the most engagement or which of your products are viewed more than others. Knowing the numbers that matter will help you get to know your market better, sharpening your senses on what would appeal to them. This would not only enable you to nurture your community, but will also help you find the products that will appeal to them the most.
  5. Hold promos every now and then. Once you’ve made a bit of profit and can make room for some giveaways, hold a promo and give away some products. One way to do it is by asking a question that would encourage them to share their thoughts. This can be helpful in two ways: you not only engage them, but you get to know them a little better as well.

All these tips can help you connect with your audience. But then, these would only serve as a complement to your main efforts of offering them good value and exceptional service. At the end of the day, it’s still bringing them products they like, packaged well and delivered in a timely manner.

With the latter, you can definitely count on Entrego’s resources and experience. Being technology-driven and service-oriented, Entrego understands where you’re coming from, and would happily help you make your business goals happen. With Entrego, you can be on your way to establishing your reputation as a great online seller!

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