May We Never Take Things For Granted Again: Lessons Learned During These Times

The weeks of staying at home to help flatten the curve have brought about life realizations for many of us.

by Luanne Arevalo April 03, 2020 12:00 PM

The weeks of staying at home to help flatten the curve have brought about life realizations for many of us. Now that weekends seem like it's been stretched forever (just as we once wished!), we can't help but long for those mindless strolls at the mall, or the way our feet would pound uneven pavements under the scorching heat. We even miss our officemates, even the ones we don't talk to that often! How we wish those days are back right now! We are sure to never take anything for granted again. It may differ for everyone,  but here are a few things that have resounded with us:

Preparing ahead. It really feels like a plot in a movie doesn't it? All of a sudden, those tips in zombie movies make a lot of sense. All kidding aside, this community quarantine caught many of us unprepared. Finances were, understandably, a major concern. This highlighted the importance of having an emergency fund that can tide us over until the situation returns to normal, as well as the need for health insurance in case of illness.


Protecting our health. Who knew we'd all be saying that our parents were right all along? Eat your veggies and wash your hands, and all that. Being in good health is the best defense we can have against any illness. We need to eat the right foods, get exercise and have enough rest—regardless of the situation. Thanks, mom!


We also need to care for our mental health. Anxiety could easily be triggered, so it’s important to learn how we can manage our emotions.


Regulating supplies. The ordinary task of shopping for groceries suddenly became a challenge, with limited store hours and social distancing. This taught us to manage our supplies well and make sure that nothing goes to waste. Again, mom was right. Empty your plate.


Managing our time. As we were taken away from our usual routines and comfort zones, we were forced to adjust our days and make sure that all the free time we now have is put to good use. Some even discovered talents they never knew they had.


Sharing what we can. Those who are privileged to have resources during times like these have been prompted to provide help where it is needed. Various initiatives have come up on social media, and it has been heartwarming to see these being supported. For its part, Entrego has partnered with ABS-CBN in their Pantawid ng Pag-Ibig program. We see other companies do the same. It has brought out the good side in us as human beings, and this should continue regardless of the times we're in.


The situation gave us an insight into how different organizations handled their businesses and looked out for their respective communities.

At Entrego, social distancing measures were implemented in customer transactions, and proper handwashing and good hygiene were promoted. Cashless transactions were encouraged.


Designated HR personnel regularly checked on the physical and mental well-being of employees, financial resources were provided, and telecommuting was implemented. Even suppliers and authorized contractors were assisted so they may be able to take care of their manpower and partner riders.

May all these lessons remain with us when we go back out there. Keep safe everyone!


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