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Online sellers will be vital to bridge people with their needs

SMEs will be the country's bloodline in boosting the economy and will be essential in serving people’s needs. Yes, the country will need you!

by Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza April 20, 2020 12:00 PM

It’s a good time for you to consider starting an online business. The government is, right now, gearing up to help SMEs and other enterprises after the nationwide lockdown. After all, SMEs will be the country's bloodline in boosting the economy and will be essential in serving people’s needs. Yes, we will need you!

Here are things you can look forward to after the lockdown.

1. More online platforms to sell goods and services

Physical stores may be forced to close shop for now, but a lot of stores are currently thriving online. The quarantine has inspired businesses to be creative and pivot to digital sales. People are now more open to purchasing merchandise online as social media, messaging groups, and e-commerce websites are providing products and services to those who need them. It helps that there are more online platforms to help business owners: virtual stores, payment channels, delivery and logistics services, and business solutions providers like Entrego.

2. Local products will gain more traction

Consumers quickly realize that in times like these, it’s best to turn to local enterprises for their needs. The enhanced community quarantine has challenged the supply chain, and imported goods may have been hard to get a hold of. This helps put the spotlight on Filipino enterprises. There is a lot of good quality, locally-made goods out there. These local businesses just need a boost, and your online store could help in kickstarting the new supply chain.

3. Your community has needs you can supply

The community quarantine has opened our eyes to the needs of those within our immediate vicinity. These needs differ from community to community. Assess what needs customers have that you can meet. You can join online groups to get to know these markets better.

4. Enterprises need partners for distribution

The government has prioritized the movement of essential goods, and we can expect this to continue even after the quarantine. Larger companies will be looking for partners to distribute essential supplies in communities. This opens up a world of possibilities for you as an SME!

When you are ready to jumpstart your online business, you will need to partner with reliable business solutions providers and utilize the right platforms like Entrego to help your business thrive! Entrego is a technology-driven end-to-end fulfillment and logistics solutions provider in the Philippines.

You can now choose to stay home and order essential goods online from your favorite merchant. Entrego delivers essential goods from online merchants. If you are a merchant yourself, please contact myEntrego team to use our service.


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