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Want to become an entrepreneur? Here are some things you can sell online

There’s no shortage of ways to earn online. We’ve rounded up some ideas that have probably been in the back of your mind - let’s bring them up front and center now!

by Nicole Marie Ignacio November 29, 2019 12:00 PM

There’s no shortage of ways to earn online—regardless of whether it’s just to earn a little extra on the side, or to kickstart your dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. While having seemingly endless options on the horizon is great, it can also be a little overwhelming; which is why we’ve rounded up some ideas that have probably been in the back of your mind - let’s bring them up front and center now!

Something you’re really passionate about

It’s rarely a bad idea to start by selling something you know well enough about, and working on something you love lets you enjoy the start-up phase more than it’ll stress you out. Start by listing down the things that excite you the most - is it fashion? Gadgets? Arts and crafts? Think about it and build your e-commerce gameplan around that.



Frequent traveler? Earn from your vacays by hoarding in-demand items that people back home can’t easily get their hands on! Chances are you’ll get a bargain by buying in bulk, and you’ll develop a suki community of buyers. Pasabuy culture isn’t just limited to imported goods you can buy abroad like K-beauty items and gadgets, you can do it with regional items too if you travel around the Philippines a lot. Check out the most unique pasalubong items and see which ones have a big or growing following back home!


Preloved items

Here’s another great idea to earn more AND declutter at the same time. Raid your closets, cupboards and storage boxes to see what you can sell online! If you’re feeling a little extra and you just so happen to be a little on the crafty side too, consider refurbishing or remodeling your unused clothes, furniture and accessories to increase their value. Be on the lookout for new trends or comeback trends that you can fashion your creation after in order to make unique items your potential buyers won’t find elsewhere.


A curated collection

Last but not the least - if you’re finding it difficult to decide on one specific category, go wild and sell an assortment of things! Curation is key, and you can sell collections of things according to concepts. Think starter packs - you can group wellness and fitness supplements and items together and call it a “New Year New Me” collection, or base it on a favorite pop culture reference or music genre. The best part is, you’ll increase the chances of selling not just one or two items at a time, but sell out in bulk.


Start and grow your online business in a snap without worrying about the logistics. Entrego, and its capability to facilitate business solutions to provide fulfillment and logistics service, has your back and will guarantee to get your products to where they need to be.

Entrego is a technology driven business solutions provider for the fulfillment and logistics needs of enterprises. Entrego's courier and express parcel management is operated by Entrego Express Corporation. Entrego Express Corporation is an affiliate of Entrego Fulfillment Solutions Inc.



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