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Why Warehouse Management Matters in Your Deliveries

Peace of mind: just one of many benefits of hiring a third-party warehousing service

by Entrego November 17, 2020 12:00 PM

Why Warehouse Management Matters in Your Deliveries

If you’re currently running an enterprise whose operations depend heavily on logistics, chances are you’re spending more time worrying about your warehousing than you should be. You might be worried about how to keep all items safe and in good condition. You likely have no way to track your inventory’s comings and goings. If you’re selling semi-perishable items, keeping your stock replenished will be another near-insurmountable challenge.

Partnering with a third-party warehousing service can help you avoid all these issues.

A third-party warehousing service offers space to store inventory, as well as the logistics know-how for receiving, storing, and shipping your   to your customers. As part of the entire supply chain process, warehousing ensures that goods will reach your customers on time, intact, and in the condition expected by the customer.

Benefits of a third party warehousing service

With a warehousing partner handling your inventory, you’ll be more empowered to meet customer demand, focus on your core strengths, and save money. Here are the key benefits to having a third party handle your warehousing needs:

  • Goods are stored safely and securely. Damaged boxes or scratches on items often happen when there is poor handling of goods. Warehousing service personnel take the utmost care in handling all items, bearing in mind the required conditions to keep  each product. There are fewer chances of damages  , scratches, or spoilage.
  • Real-time inventory and precise location of goods. Think back  to when you would spend hours poring through inventory documentation to find that one product a customer inquired about —didn’t it feel like you could have done that task in minutes with a real-time inventory, or at least if you knew where everything is?

An efficient system provided by a third-party warehouse solves that problem for you, by creating an  inventory of everything you have and its precise location inside the warehouse. No more second-guessing if you have a specific product in stock or not, and no more misplacing of goods.

  • Digitalization of paperwork. Replacing manual paperwork with paperless operations makes documents easier to file and keep track of, especially when it comes to shipping documents, receipts, and the like.
  • Last-mile capabilities. Last-mile capabilities mean getting your goods from your warehouse to your customer. With the warehouse and courier working hand in hand, the delivery of goods is more efficient. Getting a courier with a nationwide reach means more customers.

Entrego’s Warehousing Service Steps In

A warehousing partner like Entrego can serve as the strongest, most efficient link in your supply chain, thanks to its technology-driven logistics solutions.

Entrego’s warehousing services   beyond the basics of warehousing. Besides handling your goods with care, Entrego offers a portfolio of customizable solutions that you can adjust to your specific business needs, including:

  • Storage and Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides real-time visibility of your inventory, tracking each item’s location and usage in the moment.
  • Efficient Picking and Packing Through Radio Frequency. The WMS uses radio transmissions to inform the “picker” or warehouse personnel what items to get, the quantity, and its location in the warehouse. As a result, finding goods is done in a timely way. Warehouses are organized, with each space fully optimized
  • Cross-docking. Perishable or time-sensitive goods need to spend a minimal amount of time in storage. Cross-docking solves this by promptly shifting inventory from supplier to client, keeping them in their best condition before shipping
  • Paperless operations and Electronic Data Interchange. Say goodbye to endless sheets and stacks of records! Entrego’s WMS-enabled  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) replaces manual processes and paperwork with digital transactions and documents. With EDI, your supply chain operation can go completely  .
  • Integration with most Philippine e-commerce marketplaces. Entrego's warehouse can receive orders directly from our partners in e-commerce, including (but not limited to) Lazada, Shopee, Shopify and Zalora.
  • Tailor-fit kitting and packing. Entrego Warehousing can come up with cost-effective solutions to the most exacting packaging requirements.
  • Last-mile capabilities courtesy of Entrego Express. When it’s time to deliver your goods to the customer, Entrego Express brings it right to their doorstep, wherever they may be in the Philippines.

Entrego’s warehousing operations form part of a courier service with nationwide reach; their widespread presence in the Philippines services over 70% of the market. And because of their comprehensive network optimization, customers get to enjoy lower distribution costs overall.

With more and more online businesses launching every week, staying competitive is extremely important, and customer satisfaction is indispensable to your growing business. The key may lie in proper warehouse management that not only keeps your products in excellent condition, but also entices customers to come back again and again.

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