Your business can thrive again. Here's why.

The country needs your business up and running after the lockdown. Here are reasons to be hopeful about the future.

by Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza April 13, 2020 12:00 PM

Those looking to go into entrepreneurship might be a bit discouraged with all that's happening, but there are great reasons to be positive after all these! For one, the government is gearing up to help SMEs and other businesses.  For another, going into business will make you a key partner of the government in boosting the economy and providing essential services to fellow Filipinos.

Here are other reasons to be hopeful:

1. The government and big companies are aiding businesses during the crisis

With bills, loans, and rentals extended, you don’t have to worry about ballooning expenses during this business slowdown. What’s more, the government is executing programs (like CAMP and TUPAD) to provide financial and work assistance for you, your employees, and suppliers. It needs to help SMEs to boost the economy, so you can expect their support.

Companies are making day-to-day activities more manageable through tech, too. Your business can take advantage of enhanced websites, apps, and third party suppliers to improve transactions. Examples are online payment channels, delivery services, and business solutions providers like Entrego.

2. Existing technology is here to bridge your business to your customers

Despite the quarantine, we see several businesses continue delivering their products and services through the internet. Now more than ever, people are finding the benefits of doing business online. We can expect the government to strengthen and improve the country's digital infrastructure, and you and your business will be at the forefront when this happens.

3. The community quarantine has helped identify essential goods and services

The community quarantine has highlighted some key goods and services that are considered essential during these times. Groceries, medicines, laundry shops, drinking water, health products such as vitamins, face masks, PPE, and more have been in high demand. We can expect demands for these to continue even after the lockdown, and you can sell these essentials to your community.

When you are ready to launch your business, you will need to partner with a reliable business solutions provider such as Entrego, a technology-driven end-to-end fulfillment and logistics solutions provider in the Philippines.

There’s so much to be hopeful for, and the public will be needing you to operate on full swing after the lockdown. We will all get through this together!


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