Security and Loss Prevention - Administrator and Compliance OIC

Associate Level   •   Biñan, Laguna

Job Description

The goal of the Security and Loss Prevention Administrator and Compliance OIC is to ensure the implementation of administration and compliance of Security and Loss Prevention measures at all worksites nation-wide in order to attain 100% compliance in the Worksite Vulnerability Profile within the rating period.
  • Acts as administrative staff assistant to SMSLP
  • Provide SMSLP with a more well-rounded assessment of the propensity for malfeasance of each
  • colleague within the rating period
  • Provide List of blacklisted personnels and employee with pending case based on email which the personnels involved in any incident and evicted due to committing against entrego policy
  • Prepare Department presentations within the timeline agreed with SMSLP
  • Monitor the CRF weekly in order to  monitor all potential lost within the timeline agreed with SMSLP
  • Monitor all High Value Cost and High Value items in the CRF within the timeline agreed with SMSLP
  • Ensure the completeness of Security guards to all worksites
  • Provide SMSLP the list of TN's that is no movement in the system (Open Orders)
  • Ensure that the amount indicated in the billing are  rendered by individual Security Guard
  • Prepare the RFP for each agency 1 week after receiving the SOA.
  • Monitor the release of payment 1 week after the approved RFP.
  • All documents were systematized in order to immediately provide it if needed by SMSLP.
  • Persistently monitor the individual telegram thread daily in order to answer all queries by SMLP on time.
  • Present the daily manning of Loss Prevention Subcontractors daily
  • Reported to SMSLP all inaccurate information gathered at Claims reporting form through email in order to boost the situation awareness of SMSLP.
  • Ensures proper storage of CCTV footages and should be readily available at any given time.
  • Ensures that the CCTV system is fully operational by maintaining an accurate recordkeeping of:
    • a) pre-identified defects and damages to avoid substandard performance and expensive damage costs
    • b) periodic preventive maintenance of all CCTV equipment
  • Reports to SMSLP the discrepancies that occur within the field of view of any of the cameras within their shift in order to enable documentation of the same
  • Vets all personnel
  • Organizes all information related to Loss Prevention in order to support Contingency
  • Identification and Prevention
  • Ensure receipt of full check from Finance by all security agencies within 1 month of end of billing period
  • Ensure verbatim extraction of information from Dept files within 10 mins of request by SMSLP
  • Prepare Department presentations within the timeline agreed with SMSLP in order to boost the situational awareness of higher management
  • Report to SMSLP all losses, probable losses, and situations that can produce losses that can be extracted from Claims Report Forms, Incident Reports, Fareye, Tableau, and all other sources of information
  • Must have at least 3  years of experience in security, administrative and operations work
  • Must demonstrate exceptional proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office, g-suite, and all other electronic work platforms of our company
  • Must have above-average analytical skills
  • Must be capable of writing clear and concise reports in a timely manner
  • Must have a valid Brgy. Clearance, Municipal Trial Court Clearance, PNP Clearance, NBI Clearance, Neuro-Psychiatric Exam Result, and Drug Test Result
  • Must have a signed and valid clearance from his former company
  • Previous service in the AFP, PNP, NBI, or any of the government security agencies is preferred
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified for next steps. Rest assured that your application is kept in our active pool for reference.

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Application Process

1 Resume Screening

2 Online/Phone Screening

3 Onsite assessment and interviews