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We Care for the Future


Our Sustainability Approach

We at Entrego are committed to becoming the leading sustainable logistics and transport provider in the country.

We are convinced that our success is about more than just our performance ⁠- it is also about our social and environmental impact. We, therefore, strive to strike a balance between our economic, social, and environmental impact.

Our Sustainability Approach (1)
Ethical Business Practices

We aspire to be a highly reliable and purpose-driven company. We ensure that we conduct our business in full compliance with all the regulatory requirements.

Apart from the compliant business practices, we also integrate the principles of sustainable development into our management systems and operations to meet the changing needs of our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Approach (2)

We believe our people are at the core of our success. Therefore, we commit to nurture and empower them, promote an inclusive work environment, and create a meaningful career journey so they can work to their full potential.

Our Sustainability Approach (3)

We are committed to decarbonizing our operations. Road freight is one of the major sources of air pollution in the logistics and transport sector. To move to greener operations, our decarbonization efforts will focus in these 3 areas:

1. Sustainable transport
2. Sustainable materials
3. Energy and carbon emission
Our Sustainability Approach (4)

We are an enabler of community development. We strive for a responsible growth and community development because we believe a sustainable community is a sustainable market for us.

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