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MyEntrego will be a one-stop logistics service platform that will cater all services such as scheduled parcel delivery, on-demand delivery, freight forwarding, and warehousing.

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An easy-to-use digital platform that provides logistics and fulfillment solutions to users nationwide, anytime and anywhere.

MyEntrego enables you to ship your deliveries without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Retail Service Offering

  • Package Tracking
  • Scheduled Pickup
  • Payments Integration
  • On-Demand Pickup and Delivery
  • Freight Booking and Tracking
  • Rent Warehouse Space
  • Marketplace Integrations
  • Fulfillment and Value-Added Services

Why Choose Us?

  • Multi-awarded Logistics Service Provider
  • Up to 3 Delivery Attempts
  • Fastest Delivery Option - *Express Delivery Option (Premium Service Offer) - (Pickup NCR - Next day delivery to NCR, and 3 delivery days to VISMIN)
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Free Service Charges - Pick up, Pouch, Insurance, RTS, and Waybill
  • Cash-on-Delivery feature
  • 3 Days Remittance processing for COD
  • Discount Opportunities
  • Cashless Payment Options via BPI, GCash and Transakto



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Book your package for next day pickup

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The rider will pick up your package. Pay for the services fee

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Track your package until it gets delivered

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Recipient receives (and pays for) the package

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Monitor remittances to your bank

Entrego - Retail & MyEntrego Content - SLAs - Info
Entrego - Retail & MyEntrego Content - SLAs - Legend
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Entrego - Courier Express Parcel Content - Packaging Guidelines - Pouch Sizes
Entrego - Courier Express Parcel Content - Packaging Guidelines - Pouch XS S
Entrego - Courier Express Parcel Content - Packaging Guidelines - Pouch M L
Entrego - Courier Express Parcel Content - Packaging Guidelines - Pouch XL
Entrego - Courier Express Parcel Content - Packaging Guidelines - Box Sizes
Entrego - Courier Express Parcel Content - Packaging Guidelines - Box S M
Entrego - Courier Express Parcel Content - Packaging Guidelines - Box L GC





Daily Orders

At Entrego, we handle over 1,500 daily orders with speed and accuracy, ensuring that your packages are delivered on time, every time. Trust us to handle your shipping needs and experience hassle-free deliveries that keep your business moving forward.


Volume Peaks

During peak campaigns, Entrego's delivery volume increases up to 7-10 times its normal rate, yet we still maintain our high standards for timely and efficient delivery services. Our ability to handle high volume shipments is a testament to our dedication to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.


Hour Operation

Entrego operates 24/7 to ensure that we are always available to handle your delivery needs, no matter the time of day. Our round-the-clock operation allows us to offer flexible and reliable shipping solutions that work around your schedule.


Other Services We Offer

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Courier Express



Get anything, anywhere in the Philippines by choosing a logistics solutions provider trusted by industry leaders nationwide.

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Our freight forwarding solutions via air, land, and sea, have efficient and reliable nautical highway and road network.

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& Fulfillment


Get access to a wider customer coverage for your parcels with our warehouses placed in various locations locally.


Customer Reviews

Customer Testimonials_R&M_RTL

RTL Manila

As a small online business, on-time delivery of orders is crucial to our success. So we've decided to switch to Entrego in January of 2023. So far, we've never had any problems with them. Their pick-up service is very convenient for online businesses like ours. Their deliveries are on-time and sometimes, even earlier than what you'd expect. We also appreciate that their riders are polite and reliable. Looking forward to more bookings with Entrego!

Customer Testimonials_R&M_VAYA

Jay Manalo

Lab & Cosmetics Consultant, Vaya Cosmetics

I would like to commend the entire team for helping us deliver our products to our customers nationwide. We chose Entrego because of its quality service and amazing customer service. I am also very delighted to share that Entrego team is very nice and easy to reach out to if I need something. They are one call/message away and they will respond to my inquiries ASAP! I highly recommend using Entrego's services if you want your merchandise to be safe and taken care of!

Customer Testimonials_R&M_PaleoPet

Louie Bautista

Dispatch Lead, Paleo Pet

We are extremely satisfied with Entrego’s services. They are prompt, reliable, and most importantly, their customer service is top-notch! I am incredibly grateful for their outstanding service, and will continue to choose them to ship our human-grade pet food all over the country.