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Frequently Asked Questions

Entrego PH

myEntrego is a new shipping service made by Filipinos for Filipinos. We want to take the hassle out of the shipping experience, and so we built myEntrego: a digital logistics platform that enables door-to-door delivery services nationwide.

What sets us apart:

  • Very Affordable Rates & on-time deliveries
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Free Pick-up and Return (RTS)
  • Responsive customer service:

Say goodbye to your shipping hassles, say hello to myEntrego!

Just sign up and create an account through this page - it only takes 5 minutes and an email account

you have access to.

Once you have an activated account you can book a pick-up online and have your packages shipped in

no time!

No - Entrego online accounts are 100% free. You just need a valid mobile number and an email you have access to.
With your Entrego account, you can now:
  • Book pick-ups online
  • Create and print multiple shipping documents (or air waybills, as what couriers call them)
  • Enable end-to-end online tracking for your packages for both you and your customer / receiver

Just go to this link and follow the steps on the next page. You need to have access to the email you registered with to reset your password successfully and get access back to your account.
Don't worry though - even if you have lost access to your account - packages that are already picked up can still be tracked online (as long as you have the tracking number) and they will still be delivered to their destination.

Entrego is committed to protecting your personal information. Your account information is protected by an encrypted password of your choosing. For complete details on how we handle your personal information, read up on our Privacy Policy here.
Yes - you can surely access your Entrego account using your mobile or tablet. You may just need to login again per device or browser that you use. Just to be safe and secure, make sure you log out of devices you don't have regular access to or those that don't belong to you. Safety first!
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Connect With Us

Don't settle for anything less than exceptional service - connect with Entrego today and take your business to the next level.